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Personalized Photo Watch

Posted by Ben Fisher on

Personalized Photo Watch

Remember that era when lockets were very popular as a way of keeping your loved ones close to your heart by placing their pictures inside? I’d love to go back to that time just to get my hands on one of those beautiful vintage lockets. It’s something not everybody might appreciate but sentimental people, or those that value antiques or vintage materials would love it. I mean, we can probably still have a locket made nowadays but I have yet to do my research on where and if it’s within the budget, you know what I mean? However, with our modern world now and with technology dominating just about everything, we have got to keep up too. So what better way to keep your loved ones close to you than to have your very own personalized photo watch?

This is just pure genius! It’s affordable, customizable, and most of all useful. It’s one thing to keep pictures of people you value the most and it’s another thing to keep track of time, but with this watch, you’ll get it all in one. And, let’s face it, “Time is gold!” Sure, there are other ways and other things to keep pictures or images that you so much treasure. It can be on a picture frame, album, canvas, mugs, calendars, the list goes on. Digital wise, you can store pictures on an android and/or iOS phones, computers, digitized picture frames, and a lot of other gadgets. The downside of it, though, is that you don’t get to wear them as a how you can wear a watch. With this kind of watch, it’s be so much more easy and convenient to carry/wear with you wherever you may be.

Head on to, upload a photo/photos you wish to have on your watch, and we’ll take care of the rest. It can be a picture of anyone, it can even be your pet. You can also give this watch as a present or a keepsake for someone; the more unique the better. The possibilities for designs of this kind of watch is, I would say, limitless. So, how about we give this a go and design our own personalized watch now?

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