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World Wildlife Day

Posted by Rebecca Worsley on


It’s the time of the year where we can raise awareness of all the things happening to our wildlife. Well, not just this day but it can be any day. It’s a way of reminding ourselves the responsibilities that we have for our mother earth and all the lives that we share it with. From the birds in the sky, the four-legged animals in the wild, our little flying insects to the crawling creatures, our swimmer friends, and to the plants all around us, basically wildlife is everywhere.

So how do we celebrate World Wildlife Day?

You can visit and get involved on the activities that they have planned. If you have children, you can introduce them to books about our wildlife and teach them the importance of conserving this massive part of our world. If you fancy staying at home, you can still celebrate this day by taking care of the plants and animals within your household. Give them extra care and attention.

Remember, every life needs T.L.C.

You can also visit and get involved.


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