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Women Are Just As Important As Men

Posted by Rebecca Worsley on


Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. This day is not just about giving flowers to the women you love and care for, it’s not just about thanking them for the support and the love they have given, it’s about respecting women and giving them the credit that they deserve. Gender equality has always been a huge problem across the world and it still so far from being resolved. But whatever problems we’re facing to this day, let us all be reminded how important women are to society and let’s give them respect, love them and give them the importance and attention that they deserve.

Here are some things that we can do for all women today:

  • Know Your History
    • This was first celebrated in the early 1900 as part of the labor movements in America and Europe
  • Learn How Important This Day Is
    • Women’s accomplishments, particularly those that have to do with home are almost always overlooked and ignored. This day should remind everyone how important women’s contributions are across the world.
  • Give Help to Women’s Shelter
    • Donations of any kind will be a big help to the women’s shelter. Ask those that are near you and share your blessings.
  • Help A Female Friend
    • Yes, women can stand on their own but a help from others will always be valued. So help out a female friend, whether it be to do groceries or fix the garden, wash her car or whatever needs to be done.
  • Show Love and Say Thank You
    • The things that women do for the world, no matter how small or big it is, are always given less attention and importance than it really deserves. So say “thank you” to all the women in your life and let them know how important and how much they mean to you.
  • Show Respect
    • Not just today, but every day. There have been so many instances of women being disrespected. Never tell any woman to make you a sandwich, even if it’s just a joke, because it fuels the thought of women being only there to cook and take care of men.

These are just some of the things that you can do to celebrate this day. But keep in mind that these things can be done any day, every day.

Value the women in your life. I doubt if you will love life without them.




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