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Unicorns, Myth Or Not?

Posted by Rebecca Worsley on


“The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.” – Wiki. There have been a lot of stories about Unicorns. Some say they look like scary creatures, some say they look like a Rhino or a goat with a single and really long horn at the middle of their forehead. But some also say that they look like a beautiful white horse, pure, and magical. As you might have noticed, all images and artworks or even carvings and statues of Unicorns depict the image of a horse with a very long single horn at the forehead. Has anyone really seen a Unicorn? There’s no definite evidence to support this.

It’s been said that Unicorns originated in Asia, specifically in India. Reviews of stories from those who claimed have seen this creature have more or less described a now extinct kind of Rhinoceros called Elasmotherium, a huge Eurasian mammal native to the steppes, south of the range of the woolly rhinoceros of Ice Age Europe.

Regardless of no definite facts, Unicorns have been used as symbols to a lot of aspects. There is a Guilt Statue of a Unicorn on the Council House in Bristol, carvings youth riding goats on the 12thcentury capitals from the Abbey of Mozac in the Auvargene (The goats are indistinguishable from unicorns), Virgin Mary holding the unicorn detail of the Annunciation with the Unicorn Polyptych found at the National Museum in Warsaw. Their images have also been used as heraldic charges. These are just some areas where unicorns were used as symbols and there are a lot more.

During our childhood days (or until now, for some…), we look at and thought of unicorns as those magical kind of horses with a princess in some meadow or that sort of thing. Unicorns are also very popular in fairy tales. I happened to love these sort of stories before. They make it so much more enchanting.

Whether it’s a myth or not, we are free to let our imaginations soar high and be as creative as possible.


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