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Tell A Good Wine From A Crappy One

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How can you tell if you’re having a good wine? There is no definite answer since we all have different preferences. What’s good to me might not be the same for you. Also, there are just so much variables to take into consideration. I’ve been looking at countless articles on how to determine a good wine. Mind you, the price will definitely not tell how good or bad the wine is. So don’t ever believe those words from anyone saying that this wine is expensive and will surely taste good. Nope! No honey! Don’t even rely on looking at the packaging. Some wines have fancy packaging, obviously for marketing purposes, but tastes crap on the inside. Some have simple packaging yet an awesome quality on the inside. Of course, there’s always an exception to both. The best way to tell though, is by tasting the wine. Whether it be red, white, rose, or sparkling wine. I am not an expert at wines, nor am I that knowledgeable about all this but i’ve rounded up those that are commonly mentioned.

  • The Smell of Attraction

Give it a good swirl and look for those slender lines of liquid that go down on the sides of the glass. This may mean less but will give you a clue of the alcohol content. Give it a good sniff. Chances are, the more and the better it smells, you got yourself a good wine. "Juicy impressions of three types of fruit or aromas of three things (that you like) the nose knows," says wine industry veteran Tim McDonald. "I am a big believer of sniffing and swirling; the taste is confirming what you sense. Good [wine] is the combo of all of it, the sum of the parts. If you think it's bad, it probably is."


  • The Tongue Game

Give it a sip and let it swirl around your tongue. Give those taste buds a good time to savor the liquid. Try identifying the number of flavors you can taste. The more flavors you get, the more complex the wine is. If the flavors linger after you finish, you know you’ve got yourself a good bottle.


  • Look For Balance

When a wine is in balance, none of the components of acidity, tannin, alcohol, or fruit stand out as the main event. If your eyes water from the wine’s acidity, or if you feel like you’re drinking wool caused by the tannin, you just got yourself a bad bottle. If the tannin is supple and balanced, you notice a nice freshness to the wine, you can taste plenty variations of fruit but not overpowering, and the alcohol is undetectable, your wine is on fleek!


  • Know Your Digits

Vintage wines aren’t necessarily a go-to wine. "Many wines under $15 are intended to be enjoyed young. In general you can drink whites one to two years and reds two to three years after bottling. Higher-end wines have more staying power and can last three to 10 years or more," says Peter Click, president and founder of The Click Wine Group (Fat Bastard Wines).


  • Stick To What You Like

Again, we have different preferences in just about anything and everything. "Taste is subjective, which means the best wine is the one you like," says Click. "Take time to try new varietals from regions all around the world and find your own personal style."


  • Screw It or Go For The Cork

"Don't be afraid to try wine with a screw cap closure," says Click. "A screw cap doesn't mean the wine is cheap, it means the winery is committed to quality. Approximately 8 percent of wine bottled under cork is cork-tainted or undrinkable."


  • Hangover

A little too late but worth noting. If you get a hangover after taking in that supposedly good wine, you might want to re-think what you thought was a good wine. Am I confusing you? Don’t worry, I’m just as confused as you are. Haha! But seriously, you’ll never know which one is good or not until you try it. It’s worth exploring until you get to that bottle that suits you best. Also, do your research, ask for a professional’s advice, and look at reviews. They will surely give you an idea of which ones to buy and which ones to steer clear from.




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