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Teacups Are Not For Dogs

Posted by Rebecca Worsley on


Obviously, the word teacup has no relation and will never have any relation with any dog. Teacup is just not a good word to describe small breed dogs. They look so cute and so adorable but behind all these Instagram and Pinterest worthy images is a brutality that no dog should ever go through.

Admittedly, I’m one of those who would’ve bought the so called “Teacup Dogs” but boy am I glad I didn’t spend a single dime. If I did, I would’ve contributed to the cruelty the breeders do to dogs.

These extremely small dogs are a result of 2 undersized dogs. Because the mother is already smaller than normal, it can only have a couple of babies which have higher chances for complications. It’s basically causing more risk to the mother and puppies.

Buying these dogs will cost a large amount of money and it does not stop there. Because these dogs were bred incorrectly, they are more prone to a lot of illness, they are super fragile and they need an ample amount of care and attention, visits to the vet will be more often than normal and the bills will be higher than average.

What’s worse is that because these dogs cost a serious amount of money and is highly in demand, the breeders will do whatever it takes to mass produce to cope up with the demand. So instead of stopping this unforgiving practice, well, you know where this is leading.

We can only hope that these dogs will go to responsible owners and be given extra amount of love and care that they greatly need.

Dogs don’t belong to a teacup, or a purse or bag. They are dogs. They play and run, they socialize with other dogs, or even with other animals. So let them be dogs.

There are a lot of dogs that are in need of a home. So instead of paying breeders and making them rich by continuing to do this relentless practice, just adopt. No one wants to be abandoned, not even animals.

I’ve rounded up websites where they have pets for adoption. These are mostly in the U.S. but there are tons more across the globe.

Please take time to visit any of these websites or maybe visit their vicinity if any are near you. Let’s all help to put an end to animal cruelty.

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