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Tattoo Game

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Over the years, tattoo has become widely popular, a lot of us already has an inking or 2 somewhere (except me!), may it be those small and subtle designs or the bold and daring ones. I have been thinking of getting a tattoo for years. Yes, years! But there’s just a handful of factors to consider before even getting one, let alone the adverse reaction of your skin. I want a tattoo, no doubt about that. I just don’t know how much I want it and if it’s ever worthy. Mind you, it’s permanent, it’s painful, and it’s expensive. It’s permanent, in case you missed that!

I have found a list of things to consider before ever getting inked and I’d like to share it with you, especially to those of whom are still not fully decided of whether to give it a go or just let it go.

  • Risks

You’ll be pricked with a needle, numerous times to get that design sticking to your skin forever. It’s not just you who’s been to that tattoo parlor to get etched up and who knows, the person before you had something that can be transferable, oh my goodness! Make sure to do your research and never be afraid to ask if they have autoclave and sterilization certification.

  • Safety

Should always come first. Heck I’d go for a temporary body art for as long as I want until I know I’m safe to get a tattoo. Again, do your research and do it well. It’s best to go to those reputable tattoo parlors with experienced tattoo artists.

  • Removal

They can be removed? Yes! Now, hold up! I know I said they are permanent but with the technology improving every now and then, tattoos can now be removed. Actually, this has been going on for so many years but different techniques have already been practiced for a non-abrasive process of removing those unwanted inking. Heads up though, they will hurt your bank account.

  • Pain

One of the biggest factors to consider. Say you’ve got the cash to get a tattoo and/or remove it but you have low pain tolerance, girl you are in it for a nightmare! Not to pop up your bubble, but actually it’s not the pain that you’re probably thinking right about now. It’s just those annoying kind of pain. This will still vary on every person, again, depending on your pain tolerance. Also, it’ll hurt the most on areas that have less skin protecting the bones.

  • Cost

You don’t want to ask for a discount or make a bargain if you’re getting a tattoo. It’s like an insult to the artist, a stab on their ego. No, just kidding! But seriously, you will want to make sure that the artist is on your good side if you want that inking to be perfect and cost worthy. One more thing, consider going for those that are pricey than those cheap ones on the streets. Better safe than sorry right? Do your research on the prices.

  • Time of the Year

It’s been said by experts that the best time of the year to get a tattoo is when you can give your skin an ample time to stay covered up and heal. So, summertime ain’t the best time when you literally prefer less clothes and more sun tanning.

  • Health

Girl, if you’re immune system is weak or you are currently ill, getting a tattoo is not really a good idea. You want to make sure you are 100% strong on your immune system before getting inked. If you have already set an appointment but got ill, you might want to consider re-scheduling.

  • Tanning

Tanning is never a good idea, even worse if you’ve got a tattoo. It can damage the color, the shape, and really, the life of your tattoo. But I know we can’t avoid the beach, the sun, the summer (everybody loves summer!), so make sure to get enough sunscreen and take good care of those inking.

  • Shaving

Before you get inked, you’ll get shaved on the area where you want the tattoo to be to get a clean canvas. Days after, your body hair will start to grow so you’ll feel that need of shaving it again, but whatever you do, do not shave those hair! Shaving is extra cruel for your tattoo. You’ll have to wait until the wound has completely healed before shaving. - Source:


So, still want to get a tattoo?? Yes, definitely! Maybe after I consider all these factors a few weeks, months or a year from now? Haha! Seriously guys, go get a tattoo, just be careful though.

I, for sure, need ideas on some small and subtle tattoo designs. Do you have tattoo designs to recommend? Let me know!

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