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Say Yes To A Happy Life

Posted by Rebecca Worsley on


Happy. Being happy or choosing to be happy is not always as easy as it sounds, not to all people. Every individual have different mindset, different ways of seeing life, different perspective, the list goes on. No one can judge you, nor does any one have the right to. That’s you and that’s who you are! We are all just different.

I woke up quite early today, earlier than my usual waking hours. Made myself coffee and sat outside, staring at the leaves, flowers, the grass. It was a bit windy, but it was that calming and relaxing kind of wind. These leaves, the petals, and the grass all moved with the wind, slowly, dancing without any music. There were some that fell to the ground, some have wilted, dried up and died. It’s amazing how plants move their way of life – they bloom so beautifully, then leaves and petals start changing colors, falling one by one until they become lifeless. But they never stop. They start making new ones. Little by little until they bloom fully and beautifully. They will, once again, dance with the wind, letting the sun’s light peek through, and making everything look and feel beautiful.

That’s how our lives should be. We go through different times and different pace. We have different challenges and different problems, yet we are all just the same. We grow, we bloom, we fall, but we always have that chance to bloom once again.

Saying yes to a happy life is forgiving ourselves, forgiving those who have done us wrong, embracing our flaws, work with what we have and what is given to us, and simply smile.

Saying no to things that have dragged you down, that have made your life seem less and less of a life, and saying no to things that have trapped you and stopped your growth. Saying no is freeing. Saying no is taking a step back, stop for a bit and ask yourself if it’s worth your while. Saying no is never a bad thing.

Stop saying yes if your glass is already full and say no to give space to things that are worth your ‘yes’.

Smile. Keep it simple. Live a happy life.


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