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Pisces Week 01

Posted by Rebecca Worsley on


“The sign of Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, before the Spring Equinox or the beginning of spring.  It represents completions, and of course death is a completion wouldn’t you agree?  It also represents water, oceans, flooding and storms, losses, sorrows, victims, out of the way places like hotels and hospitals, helplessness, those less fortunate.  Feeling neglected, poor, or in need and also feeling something has been taken from you, like you have been deprived of something.  It rules genius, compassion, intuition, music, poetry, lies, deception, evasive behavior, all things clandestine, secretive, and can mean that secrets are revealed.”

“This week the Sun has entered the sign of Pisces your Sun it’s your solar return time and the Sun begins to connect with the Lunar South Node in Pisces too.  It can mean something bad that is done out in the open or from above.  It influences the period Feb. 20th through March 4th or beyond for some people through April 26th.  It dims the Sun and is considered a bad omen.  Many cultures will not go outside during this kind of Eclipse.  You have to move slower and think before acting.” – Terry Nazon

“You may not be able to see Sunday’s solar eclipse but it is in your sign and the portent of new beginnings. It is always wise to tread carefully in and around the time of an eclipse, whether you give people who and situations that are already fragile a wide berth or you take no risk whatsoever. On the other hand, marvelous opportunities can arise, which will change your life in the most positive ways.”

“As always with new beginnings a chapter has to close, so be philosophical about those things that fade away at this time. Many a great opportunity is lost because people are afraid to let go of the past and lack the confidence to back their beliefs and talents.” – Penny Thornton





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