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How to Play With Your Cat

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Cats are intelligent and curious. They are big in sleeping too, spending most of their day chilling and letting the hours pass. They sleep about 16-18 hours every day. However, they like to play and playing is important for them as this is a way of exercise and will help with their physical development and coordination. Playing with their siblings helps with their social and communication skills. This will also be beneficial to cat owners as this will teach you about your cat’s personality and strengthen the bond with your pet. Last, but definitely not the least, playing helps with their predatory and hunting skills, as well as relieves boredom and prevents behavior problems.

Cats love to play with toys

They love anything that moves, anything with feathers, things they can hide, and anything with catnip. There are a lot of toys you can buy for cats at a pet store but you don’t have to spend a lot for that. Anything you can find at home is fine so long as it does not have any small parts that might fall off and get eaten.

As your pet grows, their play changes and they also get bored if you give them the same toys all the time. So make sure to switch toys every few days to keep them entertained.

Playing with humans

No cat is the same. Each cat prefers a different kind of game and by interacting with them, you will know their likes and dislikes. Make sure not to play harsh games with them though or tease your cat by moving your fingers under duvets or rugs as this prompts your cat to bite you. Now who wants to get bitten?? No one!

Fishing rod kind of games

This kind of toy is quite common and is loved by most cats. Make sure not to raise it to high that encourage your cat to jump. Also, make sure that at the end of every play time, you’ll give them the opportunity to catch and bite it. It gives them that job-well-done kind of feeling. Hide these kind of toys after playing as this will cause hazard to your cats by getting tangled and/or tear off any fabric or feather attached and might swallow them.

Cats love climbing, hiding, and scratching

A tiered scratching post and a box or tent at the top is ideal for cats. It makes them feel safe and provides them ample space of privacy when hiding and just watch the day go by while getting their own privacy. Scratching also helps keeping their claws in great shape and exercise their paws.

Playing with food

For humans, playing with food is definitely a no no! For pets, I don’t mean literally playing with food, I meant making it a fun time to get food. Since cats as pets won’t need to hunt for food, putting a bit of excitement to get food won’t do any harm. You can use a food ball which you can put on top of their dried cat food. A food ball is slightly bigger than a tennis ball and once the cat pushes and bats the ball, food will come out.

Training your cat

Training your cat can be fun for both of you and it will keep your cat’s mind active but keep it light and fun. Forcing your cat to do something is never good.

Remember, playing is good for cats but always be gentle and play time should just be short sessions per day to give your cats an ample time to do their own thing and maybe sleep to their heart’s content.



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