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Cat Cuddles

Posted by Rebecca Worsley on


We all know cats are just the sweetest furry creatures. They are fierce when mistreated but they are just the sweetest thing. Cats are also good for cuddling whenever you’re sick. Cat cuddles may not cure your illness but it can make you feel better in a way. They won’t spread or catch human viruses. However, not all can have cat cuddles as they are some who are allergic to cat fur. Nevertheless, if they make you feel better, then cuddle away.

In a Vanderbilt research article, it is us humans who are far more a bigger threat to passing a virus. So remembering to wash hands and use hand sanitizers are essential to avoid getting sick. It is also stated that the single best way to avoid getting sick for both pets and humans is to get immunized. For cats, it’s their annual shot of vaccines and for humans, it’s those shots like flu shot. The only difference between us humans and pets is that pets get those shiny tags when they are completely immunized and up to date but we don’t.

So how do we cuddle cats? Hhmmm... It’s not always that cats like to snuggle with you. But if this is your ultimate goal, here are things you can try doing:

  • Be as gentle as possible. All cats are fierce at hear, like tigers, but they have such soft spots under our fingertips. Cats are our delicate friends and they require those feathery touch.
  • Practice the right touch-mode by using plush toys. If you have heavy hands, you might want to practice stroking cats by using plush toys and be accustomed to being gentle.
  • Just like a newborn. Support a cat by holding his head and bottom with gentle hands and stroking the tummy with a single finger or support him right side up and never squeeze or scratch.
  • Not the tail. They may use their tail to wrap around your legs or arms like snakes but never hold them as that is a form of rudeness to cats.
  • The belly rub. Like dogs, some cats like having their tummy rubbed. But be as gently as possible and look out for their signals of having enough. You might get a sudden swat from an impatient paw.
  • Chin strokes. All cats, even the big ones, like their chins stroked. But as mentioned again and again, be very gentle.
  • Backbone strokes. Most cats like having their backs stroked. They tend to arch their backs to get more of those goodness.
  • Lap hold. Putting your cat on your lap is the ultimate feline experience. Although some cats are a natural lap accessory, some resist on being picked up and. Let your feline friend where she sits.
  • Cats are no football. Don’t tuck them under your arms like a football. You will end up with a stiff cat and angry claws.

So there you have it. Remember that whatever you do with your feline friends, always, I repeat, always be gentle, especially during cat cuddles. For more tips on cuddling, you can visit


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