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Bird Watching

Posted by Rebecca Worsley on


There’s more to bird watching than just, well, watching birds. I, personally, don’t do this but I’m already tempted to try it. It’s a great way for anyone to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, busy streets, late night parties, and our never ending city lifestyle routine. You don’t need binoculars or any fancy camera to look for birds and capture it. They’re basically everywhere. But of course, technology helps, can’t deny that.

What’s so good about bird watching is that you get to enjoy nature at its finest. It’s a good way to get fresh air, get that oh so good vitamins from the sun (during sunrise, I mean), the coolness of the temperature from the trees and the shade it brings, and basically the sound of nature. Also, you get to exercise while hiking. Other than that, it’s been said that bird watching also calms the nerves and relieves stress. Now who wouldn’t want that, right? Stress is just the enemy that I have not defeated yet.

I came across a blog about the health benefits of bird watching. You can check out Naomi Webb wrote the advantages of bird watching. Let’s check out!

  • Great Exercise – Healthy body equals healthy mind. “As they say, hitting 2 birds with one stone.”
  • Plenty of Fresh Air – Yes! It’s cool, it’s clean, and it’s fresh! Great way to step away from those addicting gadgets.
  • Lifts Your Spirits – You can never guess what type or types of birds you will see each day. It helps restore your optimism and self-esteem and you get that feeling of exhilaration with a purpose.
  • Lowers Stress Levels – This, I really need! Watching birds is both calming and relaxing. I can just imagine myself bird-watching already.
  • Time To Reflect – Bird watching is a great time to reflect and be at one with nature. You’ll be able to see and appreciate the simpler things in life and not worry about all the other things you once made importance of.

What’s more exciting is that there is a way to do bird watching without leaving your garden. You just have to put things that attract birds – bird feeders,  bird baths,  and bird houses to name a few. Imagine seeing different birds at your garden! That has got to be a beautiful sight!

So, do you fancy bird watching now? Let me know!

Many thanks to Naomi Webb for the amazing article at Such a good read!

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