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Aquarius and Pisces Month

Posted by Rebecca Worsley on


The month of February is anything but plain and boring. This month is the month of love, the month of floating hearts and sweet candies, the month of gorgeous rose bouquets and mouthwatering chocolates, the month of ladies feeling like the Juliet of their Romeo’s,  and also the month of Aquarius and Pisces.

For birthdays falling on February 1-18 are members of the Aquarius Zodiac sign. Aquarius people are considered to be the know-all out of all the zodiac signs. They are original, inventive and, obviously very smart. They are also very friendly but probably the hardest to get to know. They are so friendly that even the dog across the street would want to visit them every day and, well, stay.

Aquarius people are almost always late because time means nothing to them. Being patient with people, make them good teachers, and are always willing to learn something new. But are they willing to go out and earn a living? Some are, many are not. These people can be extremely eccentric in the way they dress or the way they live. They make a point of being ‘different’ and they can usually feel very unsettled and uneasy if made to conform, even outwardly. Their restless, skeptical minds mean that they need an alternate kind of lifestyle which stretches them mentally.

For birthdays falling on February 19-28/29 are members of the Pisces Zodiac sign. Pisces people are dreamers and have strong determination that they can turn their dreams to reality. They have the most attractive eyes and the most creative minds when it comes to designing and music.

Pisces people are everyone’s friend and find it hard to say “no”. They have the most kind, thoughtful, and caring personality but they also have the tendency to leave people and their responsibilities. These people can be stubborn, awkward, selfish and quite nasty when a friendship or relationship goes sour. This is because, despite their basically kind and gentle personality, there is a side which needs to be in charge of any relationship. And, because they are dreamy and full of creative ideas, they are sometimes hard to comprehend and will need a lot of understanding. Pisces people tend to be moody and sometimes can’t even understand themselves.



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